You Requested New Assets And We Listened: Introducing A Brand New Collection Of Epic Proportions! 

Watch the video to see what we've done...



If you're familiar with our Origin Collection, you already know how effective and captivating these files are. They are designed to captivate and hold your viewers' attention in a way no other assets can to date.

These "self-drawing" animations give you the power to create a hybrid combination of whiteboard and traditional animation styles in a revolutionary new way that is sure to increase viewer engagement and help keep their attention from start to finish. Additionally, these assets can be used in pretty much any video creator and video editor on the planet!

It Truly Is As Easy As 1-2-3!

Step 1. Add Our Images

These assets work in virtually any video creator and video editor on the planet. Simply place them where you want them to show up and you're done - NO whiteboard software required whatsoever, and NO animation or timing settings to mess with! In fact, since the drawing animations are built into the files, we do not recommend using standard whiteboard software like VideoScribe or EasySketchPro when using these assets.

Step 2. Add Optional Text and/or Sound

Add whatever you like to complete your video! When using our assets, all you really need is some text and music (voice overs work great too!) and you've got a stunning, professional looking video ready to show to the world! 

Step 3. Export Your Video

Once you're done, render your video using whatever software you like and, well, if you're looking for more steps... there are none. That's all it takes! 

Update! Here's 1 of 3 new poses we created for our Hip Young Man & Woman! 

Update! Due To Customer Request We Are Excited To Have Added These Mature Professionals To Your Members Area! They Come With 11 Poses Each!


Oh MAN, the variety in these is incredible! You've started a great new trend in sketch videos. My mind is blowing up with ways to use them. Very nicely done!!

Andrea Kalli

First Up: Self-Drawing Cats And Dogs (Large And Small) And The People That Love Them!

Tip: Like all the assets in this collection, animated AND static files are included so that you have maximum flexibility and significantly more usage possibilities!

Kitty Cat

Large Dog

Small Dog

Woman With Dog

Man With Dog

Next Up: Self-Drawing People In Mainstream Professions Along With Self-Drawing Backgrounds!

Tip: These assets are obviously fantastic for local business videos, video ads and print materials, but you can also use them to create scenes with multiple professions in your videos, to represent the professionals in your neighborhood, and even use a group of them to drive home your point... For example, "This works for all people no matter what they do for a living!" 

Male Dentist

Female Dentist

Dentist Backgrounds

Car Mechanic

Car Mechanic Backgrounds

Security Guard

Security Guard Backgrounds


Handyman Backgrounds


Plumber Backgrounds

Male Teacher

Female Teacher

Teacher Backgrounds

Let's Continue: Self-Drawing Man And Woman Using Technology!

Tip: These assets are great for showing people recommending a service or product to friends, finding and visiting your website, giving your company a call and anything else you can think of! Some examples: "Call us today, you'll be glad you did!" "Visit us online today to see how we can help!"

Woman With Mainstream Devices

Man With Mainstream Devices

Woman With Virtual Reality Headset

Tip: These assets are great for talking about the future in general, advanced technology, giving virtual tours (think real estate), video games and more! Adding one of these into any video is sure to help you think outside the box to make your point, and make it memorable. For example, "Technologies like virtual reality are constantly evolving, and video marketing is no exception. Make sure you know the latest important updates and tips by visiting our website today!" 

Man With Virtual Reality Headset

Next Up: Self-Drawing Men, Women, Boys And Girls With Disabilities!

Tip: These were requested by several customers, and they are great way to represent diversity, inclusiveness and variety in your projects!

Boy In Wheelchair

Girl In Wheelchair

Woman In Wheelchair

Man In Wheelchair

Yes There's More: Self-Drawing Professionals/ Speakers And Their Backgrounds!

Tip: These are great for general business characters as well as subjects related to public speaking, leadership, presenting, events and much, much more!

Female Professional/Speaker

Male Professional/Speaker

Professional/Speaker Backgrounds

Time For More: Self-Drawing Children In Many Poses!

Tip: Often overlooked, children have been a big request from customers, and rightfully so... after all, they are our future! Jokes aside, these kids are sure to enhance your projects and finally allow you to tackle subjects involving them!

Young Girl

Young Boy

Next On The Hit Parade: Self-Drawing Young Hip Professionals With 11 Versatile Poses So That You Can Cover The Entire Spectrum Of Emotions And Tell Any Story!

Tip: You are able to tell almost any story thanks to the wide selection of poses and emotions, and you can mix and match the male and female characters for added variety!

Young Hip Woman

Young Hip Man

Disruptive Design: Mainstream Magnificence DISCOUNT!

It's About Time: Finally You Have Groups Of People That You Can Use In Your Videos And Projects To Represent Universal Situations, Reactions, Solutions, Satisfied Customers And More!

Tip: You are able to tell almost any story thanks to the wide selection of poses and emotions, and you can mix and match the male and female characters for added variety!

As If All That Is Not Enough, We're Providing One Of The Most Overlooked Video Assets And A Great Way To Put Everything Together... Brand New Speech, Thought And Text Bubbles! Here Are 10 Self-Drawing Bubbles In Animated And Static Formats!

Tip: They work incredibly well WITH or WITHOUT characters!


Well, here we are... the awkward part of our date...

No kissing required, however! Just be aware that the insane low price you currently see on this page is due to our launch, and it will be going up gradually throughout the course thereof. And once the launch period is over it will be increased to a more "rational" price for a collection like this. We do not play with fake scarcity. So we want to make sure you take advantage of this offer and snap up these brand new video assets at the lowest possible price!

Get Started Today!

Disruptive Design: Mainstream Magnificence DISCOUNT!

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