We Completely Understand That $37 May Be Too Much At This Time, So Here's A More Affordable Option For You! 

We Will Simply Remove The Greyscale Images So That You Still Get All Of The New Characters, Comic Strip Style Border Boxes, Comic Book Style Backgrounds and DOUBLE The Character Options For Just $27!

Here's A Reminder Of Everything You're Getting With Your Small One-Time Purchase Today:

First Up We Have Brand New Characters For Added Variety, Scenarios and More!

Self-Drawing Man and Woman In Business Suits!

Tip: Our customers requested some characters that wear the exact same clothes for all poses, so we delivered! You are able to tell almost any story thanks to the wide selection of poses and emotions, and you can mix and match the male and female characters for added variety!

Man In Business Suit

Woman In Business Suit

Self-Drawing Man and Woman In Business Casual Attire!

Here are 2 more characters wearing the exact same clothes for all poses, but this time wearing more casual business clothes.

Man In Business Casual Attire

Woman In Business Casual Attire

Self-Drawing Male And Female Doctors In Various Poses!

Tip: These doctors can also be used as metaphors for health and well being, to reference medical studies and information, for weight loss and fitness related subjects and more! For example: "Studies show that working out 3 times a week can reduce stress and strengthen your heart!"

Female Doctor

Male Doctor

Self-Drawing Happy Man and Woman On Phone And Computer!

Tip: These images are a great way to show customer satisfaction, friends recommending a company to their friends, happy customers talking to support, people finding your website online and calling to schedule an appointment and, well, you get the idea!

Happy Woman On Phone And Computer

Happy Man On Phone And Computer

Next Up You Receive Self-Drawing Comic Strip Style Border Boxes In Full HD, Square and Vertical Formats For Added Effect!

Tip: These border boxes allow you to create animated comic strip style video scenes! Pretty much never seen before in video format, they're really quite catchy to see in action, so make sure to check out the video below!


Add Additional Vibrance And Excitement By Using Our Comic Book Style Backgrounds!

Tip: These come in Full HD, Square and Vertical Mobile sizes for extreme ease and versatility! The Full HD style is below followed by some additional examples that show just a taste of what's possible!

The example above combines our Comic Book Style Backgrounds with our Comic Strip Style Border Boxes for maximum effect!

Here's an example of the square option. It's great for social media image & video posts as well as banners (think website sidebar areas!)

And here's the vertical mobile option. It's great for mobile phone ads, images and videos!

Mainstream Magnificence: Black Label Lite

Download All Of Our Characters With Additional Skin Tones For Added Options And Diversity!

Tip: This has been a recurring request from our customers, and this upgrade effectively doubles your options when it comes to stunning self-drawing characters!

These all have the same self-drawing animations you saw in the main product!

Man and Woman In Business Suits!

Man In Business Suit

Woman In Business Suit

Self-Drawing Man and Woman In Business Casual Attire!

Man In Business Casual Attire

Woman In Business Casual Attire

Self-Drawing Male And Female Doctors In Various Poses!

Female Doctor

Male Doctor

Happy Man And Woman On Phone And Computer!

Happy Woman On Computer

Happy Man On Computer

Dog Lovers!

Woman With Dog

Man With Dog

Self-Drawing People In Mainstream Professions 

Male Dentist

Female Dentist

Car Mechanic

Security Guard



Male Teacher

Female Teacher

Self-Drawing Man And Woman Using Technology!

Woman With Mainstream Devices

Man With Mainstream Devices

Woman With Virtual Reality Headset

Man With Virtual Reality Headset

Self-Drawing Men, Women, Boys And Girls With Disabilities!

Boy In Wheelchair

Girl In Wheelchair

Woman In Wheelchair

Man In Wheelchair

Self-Drawing Professionals/ Speakers

Female Professional/Speaker

Male Professional/Speaker

Self-Drawing Children In Many Poses!

Young Girl

Young Boy

Self-Drawing Young Hip Professionals With 11 Versatile Poses So That You Can Cover The Entire Spectrum Of Emotions And Tell Any Story!

Young Hip Woman

Young Hip Man

We hope you take advantage of this additional discount so that you have these additional assets added to your video creating arsenal!

Get In At The Lowest Price!

Mainstream Magnificence: Black Label Lite

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