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Get Ready To Earn MASSIVE COMMISSIONS When We Go Live MAY 8th, 10AM EST!


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After a highly successful first launch, the Disruptive Design team is back with an all new collection of stunning "SELF DRAWING" animated assets that are sure to knock your customers' socks off!

These self-drawing animations give video creators the power to create a hybrid combination of whiteboard and traditional animation styles in a revolutionary new way that is sure to increase viewer engagement and keep their attention from start to finish. Additionally, these assets can be used in pretty much any video creator and video editor on the planet.

Here’s what we’ve got planned for the launch:

 We’ve got a compelling front end comprised of animated characters, backgrounds, speech/thought bubbles and comic strip style boxes, and we’re throwing in a valuable Developers License as part of the package. You’ll be rewarded with 60% commissions on the front end and 50% on the compelling OTO, which adds additional characters and more character skin tones. They also include all of the assets in greyscale version, which is perfect for those going for that true whiteboard look! It’s a tough OTO to pass up on, which means we’re looking forward to high conversions so that you can get some massive commissions there as well. There will be a downsell to give customers an option to get the OTO1 content without the greyscale at a lower price. After that there is a "done for you" OTO2 and an option for brand new affiliates at $97, both at 50% commissions!

Doodle Images That Move?!

What if you could add a professional, full color Doodle image to your video without using any whiteboard software at all?

But it gets better... what if that Doodle image started to move and animate after the drawing action completed?!

Here's a quick example of one of the hundreds of revolutionary files contained in this collection that do just that:

Combine backgrounds, characters and text to easily and quickly create entire scenes! Like this one:

Our Sales Funnel Has Been Fine Tuned For Maximum Conversions! 

*Front End will increase to $27 over the course of the launch and we will provide a $5 coupon at that point to increase conversions throughout the duration of the launch!

Earn Major Cash Prizes With Our JV Cash Contest!

No Minimums!

Commissions must equal or exceed prize value. If not, prize amount will match commission amount.

Teams of up to 2 are allowed. Information about your team should be given to us before the launch starts. Please inform us ASAP with your affiliate IDs.

As You Can See Below, We LOVE To Promote Our Partners' Products!

We believe in strong partnerships. We’ll do our best to help you in your own business and promote you hard when you launch.

Semi-Exclusive Bonus Files

High Quality Animated Female Superhero in 10 Poses!

This collection is provided in SWF, MOV, GIF and PNG formats for maximum versatility!

Here are the 10 versatile poses:
Jump Up
Jump Down
Arms Crossed
Hands On Hips
Has Idea
Points Left
On Cell Phone
Thumbs Up

This bonus is delivered directly by you to make it more authentic, so please give the download link below to your customers and use the images below to promote the bonus!

High Converting Swipe Files

Prelaunch Swipe

Launch Swipe

Closing Swipe

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